Founded in 1993 with a focus on commercial representations, the MIANO'S PRODUCTS FOR FOUNDRY was a company dedicated to market refractories, steel plates, materials for molding and foundry equipment.

In early 2000 the company has specialized in the marketing of ferroalloys and closed the activities related to refractories. Around the same time added to its range of products several inputs required for the manufacture of castings.

Currently, in addition to distributing materials for foundries, the Miano's provides technical assistance for all customers who use their products. The company at first exclusively served the state of Santa Catarina, is now present in all of southern Brazil, and states like São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Why choose Miano's

The transport of the products marketed by Miano's is done by its own fleet with trucks and drivers licensed in accordance with the safety standards. Thus, we shorten the time between the time of order and delivery of the product and also guarantee the quality and safety in transport to the customer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the need that the casting industries have to buy raw material fractionally, to save and avoid leftovers.

The Miano's works with customized sales, helping these industries to purchase the product in the right amount to use and not for cargo closed when purchased direct from the manufacturer.

Our Vision

The Miano's vision is to expand the business, win and be a solution to customers from more distant regions of southern Brazil, contributing to the country's economy and creating jobs.

Miano's in Numbers

With over 20 years of experience in several states of Brazil, Mianos is proud to have over 300 satisfied customers.


Years of Experience


Satisfied Custumers


Dedicated Employees

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Certified Company

MIANO's PRODUCTS FOR FOUNDRY cares about customer satisfaction and constantly looks for ways to improve its processes in order to preserve the environment. So we are ISO certified since 2008 under the NBR-ISO 9001 standard.